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  • SW-006 promotional pink wristband usb flash drive
  • SW-006 promotional pink wristband usb flash drive

SW-006 Promotional Pink Wristband Usb Flash Drive

Product Description:

SW-006 promotional pink wristband usb flash drive

Wristband flash drives are a very versatile model that similar to bracelet and it is made with silicon rubber or PU leather. Custom usb wristbands are available in many striking colours like red, blue, apple green and yellow. The body colour can be produced to match the pantone colour code of a company logo. Personalized wristband pen drives are always a great choice for wedding ceremony, product launching and students events. The brilliant colour of the bracelet will definitely catch the attention of the audience around. Wristband pen drives are suitable for pad printing and embossing. Wristband thumb drive with adjustable length is the newest addition to overcome the problem of different wrist arm of the wearer for the conventional bracelet model design.

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