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What is the Purpose Served by USB Memory?

There is a saying that good things come in small packages, and the USB memory is the greatest example of it. This portable drive is the result of the latest advancements of the modern era and is also known as flash drives, thumb drives, and USB sticks. It may be the smallest peripherals of the computer but provides assistance in the best ways. You can plug it in the computer and see how it manages your day to day tasks on the computer. Let’s discuss the major purposes served by USB devices or USB memory.


The main role of a USB memory is to provide storage. The portable size of the drive is not related to its capacity for storage. USB memory drives embrace a variety of amounts of data, such as 2GB or even more. USB memory is a peripheral way to manage files, rather than taking up sensitive storage space on your computer. Representative one drive for an archive of personal vacation photos, you can say that it is another way to keep written documents safe and secure. It is the best backup in that case as well. If your files got deleted from the computer then you can attain them back from the USB. When purchasing a USB drive, think about what you’ll be saving onto it because you can save anything you want, including an entire program, game or executable file, or thousands of photos or videos.

File Transfer

The USB memory has replaced the hard discs and floppy discs, they have now become the relics of the past. Now you can transfer your essential files from one PC to another through this portable device. In the past, it was a little troublesome to transfer files as you have to load something, such as a file, and then you wanted someone to review and approve, onto the disc, and transfer it. Though it’s now convenient to simply email files, some are extremely large or maybe a security risk to deliver it over the Web. With a USB flash drive, you can transfer files easily and quickly. With the USB memory, the transfer has now become a matter of seconds.

 An additional benefit you receive from the transference through the USB is you can eradicate its contents and use it over and over again, something that was never possible when transferring documents by most CDs. Using USB memory for the transference of files can also lighten your space when traveling, saving room in that folder or computer bag for other necessities.

Space Saver

USB memory is considered ideal as they are the space savers when you use them to store files previously stored on your computer, but they also can remove unnecessary documents from some of your desk space as well. Portable and more compact than an external hard drive, USB memory got their “thumb drive” nickname as they take on the definite size of a thumb. One can fit far more USB drives in a desk drawer than the hard drives or other rewritable storage devices. Also, it is very convenient to carry them in your pockets and always keep important data with you. In this way, the function of data transference will always be on your fingertips.

Customization and Flair

USB memory offers you a way to express yourself with a bit of creativity and flair. While commonly cased or card USB drives exist, you can also select one’s sporting designs of your favorite athletic team or carve cartoon character and celebrity on your USB memory. Also, limited-edition collectible USB memory is accessible, and custom-crafted ones are often provided out at trade shows and as giveaways for special occasions.