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About Sunshaw

In 2012, Sunshaw was inaugurated in Shenzhen, China. We are the processors and excels in the creation and marketing of USB flash drives manufacturers. We have accomplished miles in our field. Also, we deliver OEM/ODM services globally. 

For the complete contentment of our customers, we check our USB drives three times. Our real capacity USB drives are 100% inspected. Our services are the best because of the high-quality products we deliver and guaranteed fast delivery. We fulfill all the requests of our clients and make sure that they are left with no problem.

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Wide Range Of USB Flash Drivers

Here at our platform, you can explore a massive range of custom design plastic USB keys and thumb drivers, which are manufactured in creative designs and molds. You can wisely choose the best for your trading business and earn the maximum through our company manufactured products. Our pen drive is made out of the best quality of raw materials and hi-tech technological advancements. We are the proud China USB flash drives manufacturers for the global market, and we stand out for offering the prime quality products.

Different Types of USB Flash Drives

We, as the leading USB flash drives manufacturers to provide you with the most versatile variety of USB flash drives. The variety of the USB flash drives we provide you are based on your usage, the appearance, and the storage capacity. We take customized orders according to your requirements and provide you with the best. According to your usage, we provide security flash drives that ensure that your data is never compromised, Music flash drives for the convenient transfer of music from one device to another, and a boot flash drive. 

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What is the Purpose Served by USB Memory?

There is a saying that good things come in small packages, and the USB memory is the greatest example of it. This portable drive is the result of the latest advancements of the modern era and is also known as flash drives, thumb drives, and USB sticks. It may be the smallest peripherals of the computer but provides assistance in the best ways. You can plug it in the computer and see how it manages your day to day tasks on the computer. Let’s discuss the major purposes served by USB devices or USB memory. Storage The main role of a USB memory is to provide storage. The portable size of the drive is not related to its capacity for storage. USB memory drives embrace a variety of amounts of data, such as 2GB or even more. USB memory is a peripheral way to manage files, rather than taking up sensitive storage space on your computer. Representative one drive for an archive of personal vacation photos, you can say that it is another way to keep written documents safe and secure. It is the best backup in that case as well. If your files got deleted from the computer then you can attain them back from the USB. When purchasing a USB drive, think about what you’ll be saving onto it because you can save anything you want, including an entire program, game or executable file, or thousands of photos or videos. File Transfer The USB memory has replaced the hard discs and floppy discs, they have now become the relics of the past. Now you can transfer your essential files from one PC to another through this portable device. In the past, it was a little troublesome to transfer files as you have to load something, such as a file, and then you wanted someone to review and approve, onto the disc, and transfer it. Though it’s now convenient to simply email files, some are extremely large or maybe a security risk to deliver it over the Web. With a USB flash drive, you can transfer files easily and quickly. With the USB memory, the transfer has now become a matter of seconds.  An additional benefit you receive from the transference through the USB is you can eradicate its contents and use it over and over again, something that was never possible when transferring documents by most CDs. Using USB memory for the transference of files can also lighten your space when traveling, saving room in that folder or computer bag for other necessities. Space Saver USB memory is considered ideal as they are the space savers when you use them to store files previously stored on your computer, but they also can remove unnecessary documents from some of your desk space as well. Portable and more compact than an external hard drive, USB memory got their “thumb drive” nickname as they take on the definite size of a thumb. One can fit far more USB drives in a desk drawer than the hard drives or other rewritable storage devices. Also, it is very convenient to carry them in your pockets and always keep important data with you. In this way, the function of data transference will always be on your fingertips. Customization and Flair USB memory offers you a way to express yourself with a bit of creativity and flair. While commonly cased or card USB drives exist, you can also select one’s sporting designs of your favorite athletic team or carve cartoon character and celebrity on your USB memory. Also, limited-edition collectible USB memory is accessible, and custom-crafted ones are often provided out at trade shows and as giveaways for special occasions.

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How to Start a Business in USB Memory Cards and Drivers?

Starting a business in USB memory cards and drivers can be very beneficial as these objects are one of the most popular ones and are in huge demand all over the world. Every individual nowadays requires a USB drive with themselves. A student needs to keep all the pdf books and assignments saved in their USB cards. It also helps in the submission. In different companies, USB drives are essential to give a presentation. Moreover, they can keep all their data safe in the portable USB drive instead of keeping it in large files, which are hard to find later as well. Photographers also require it the most to show the photos and videos in it. The USB has greater capacity and is easy to carry as well. It sums up the importance of the USB card and driver. One who is starting their business in it can take great advantage of it. Learn how you can start your own USB memory card business. Step#1 Plan Your Business As an entrepreneur, a clear plan is essential for success. It will assist you in mapping out the specifics of your business and find the unknowns. Think and note the initial costs first of all. The initial costs can depend upon your budget. It is not very hard to make a smaller investment. An average start-up cost can be $5000 to $1000. You should check for the license then and business insurance for you and your employees. You need to invest in your delivery service and office equipment as well. Step#2 Target Market Choose your target market. USB is the need of almost every company and institute. The companies who like to give it as gifts as well. Find such markets who like to buy from you in bulk. Always present a professional image of your business and services. Step#3 Form a Legal Entity Establishing a legal business is very important as it prevents you from being personally liable. Step#4 Register for Taxes You must register yourself for a variety of federal and state taxes before you open a business. Step#5 Open a Business Bank Account Having a business bank account is essential for personal asset protection. Step#6 Think About the Product Charges The USB memory suppliers put cost-effective charges in the beginning to make a good position in the USB market.

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The minium order quantity of usb memory is 100pcs.

The material of usb pendrive includes saintless metal, aluminium, plastic, ABS, wood, bamboo, soft PVC, crystal and so on. So you can choose usb memory by its material. There are metal usb flash drive, plasitc usb memory, wooden usb sticks, bamboo usb pendrive, pen shape usb sticks, crystal usb flash drives, customized PVC usb memory and so on.

You can engrave laser your logo on metal usb flash drives. You can print your logo on plastic and metal usb memory. You can stamp your logo on PU leather usb pendrives.

Welcome To The Top USB Flash Drives Manufacturers – Sunshaw

Sunshaw China Ltd is one of the leading wholesale USB flash drives manufacturers of China. We are located in Shenzhen city of China and serving this industry since 2012. Our company manufactured USB drivers are valued in the global market and are in high demand throughout the year. Sunshaw has an earnest belief in best satisfying the needs and requirements of our valuable customers. Their satisfaction is our ultimate win, and we try every inch hard to achieve that. We have our own Research and development department, which offers the best OEM/ODM services for international clients. With an area of our expertise, we bid the best custom USB flash drives in the market. Our metal memory drivers are of great value in the market.

What is USB Flash Drives Made Off?

Have you ever wondered what the USB flash drives made of? And what exactly do the USB flash drives manufacturers put inside a USB to make the file transfer easy? Let’s have a look at it today. Our USB flash drives are made up of five essential components:

1- A standard USB plug

2- NAND flash memory chip

3- A USB mass storage controller

4- Crystal oscillator

5- USB cover

Other parts of a USB might or might not include LED indicator lights, transport aid, unpopulated space, jumper pins, USB connector caps, and finally, the write-protect switches. It must be noted that the customization only works on the additional components. It does not work on the 5 essential components.

Our Promising Services And Wholesale Rate

Sunshaw is a reputable name in the industry of USB flash drives manufacturers, and people rely on our brand for premium quality products. We have highly equipped flash drive manufacturing units with all the necessary modern tools and equipment. With the help of an army of skilled labor, we flourish the markets with highly durable products and unfailing services. We are specialized in catering to the customized demands for products of the clients.

We have a long journey of trust relationships with a huge list of businesses all around the world. We are expanding as the leading USB flash drives suppliers to the worldwide market and looking forward to serving you with international quality products.