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About Sunshaw

In 2012, Sunshaw was inaugurated in Shenzhen, China. We are the processors and excels in the creation and marketing of USB flash drives manufacturer. We have accomplished miles in our field of manufacturing and supplying the best quality China USB flash drives. Also, we deliver OEM/ODM services globally. 

For the complete contentment of our customers, we check our USB drives three times. Our real capacity Chins USB drives are 100% inspected. Our services are the best because of the high-quality products we deliver and guaranteed fast delivery. We fulfill all the requests of our clients and make sure that they are left with no problem.

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Wide Range Of USB Flash Drivers

Here at our platform, you can explore a massive range of custom design USB keys and thumb drivers, which are manufactured in creative designs and molds. You can wisely choose the best for your trading business and earn the maximum through our company manufactured China USB Drives. Our pen drive is made out of the best quality of raw materials and hi-tech technological advancements. We are the proud China USB flash drives manufacturers for the global market, and we stand out for offering prime quality products.

Different Types of USB Flash Drives

We, as the leading USB flash drives manufacturer to provide you with the most versatile variety of USB flash drives. The variety of the USB flash drives we provide you are based on your usage, appearance, and storage capacity. We take customized orders according to your requirements and provide you with the best. According to your usage, we provide security flash drives that ensure that your data is never compromised, Music flash drives for the convenient transfer of music from one device to another, and a boot flash drive. 

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Why Do We Use USB Chargers – How It Works and Types of USB Chargers

Thanks to the popularity of new android and iOS systems used as tablets, mobile phones, and laptops that run through power ports. Here, the tech world has finally introduced the charging standards after years of development of exclusive adapters and ugly wall-wart power supplies. However, not all USB chargers, connectors, and cables are made equally beneficial and durable. It's up to us, our requirements, what we wish to have, and how much money we invest in buying a charger. Many people use cable chargers way more than USB chargers, as they don't find one suitable for their cellphones. However, a few of the factors are here that require your attention when using USB chargers. Let's read them out: How USB Works: When we start using USB chargers, we stop making sure that there's always one host and one device. Here, the energy flows from the host to the device; however, the data can flow freely between both; the host and the device. A USB cable includes four wires, whereas a socket has four pins, the outside ones deliver a 5-volt power supply in combination with the inside pins that carry data. Types of USB Chargers: USB Type-A: This classic USB plug is familiar to almost all of us; it has the larger standard rectangular plus. However, it has gone through various changes to put up different versions of USB, but the plug's design remains the same, which means that all type-a plugs and sockets are compatible no matter what version. USB Type-B: Usually, the other type of USB cable is known as a Type-B connector. This plus is a tall one with slanted top corners and other variations. The mini and micro-USBs are also variations of Type-B USB chargers. You can have it from any China USB charger manufacturer, as they're manufacturing with quality and required benefits. USB Type-C: The USB Type-C's essential feature is that it's reversible and designed to be small enough so that it doesn't need any mini or micro variant like other types. The intention behind this is that it might completely replace all sorts of USBs on both host and client devices.

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Do I Need To Have A Card USB With Me? Is It Even Beneficial?

These are the questions that we are likely to hear whenever a call regarding a USB is upheld. In the 21st century, if you are unaware of the name “USB,” my question is not how; my question is, why are you so distant from technology that you failed to embrace the changes and technological advancements? There are so many practical advantages that a USB has had been providing to the users. When we name the geometry essentials, a critical name, “Universal Serial Bus,” is also highlighted. As I recall, my universities tell me that a lot of uses were supported by a USB. From collecting class notes to distributing them among the kids, USB has played an extremely vital role. Consider the following advantages while considering USB and its high-tech benefits: Security And Safety A USB is one of the many technological advancements that offer a high caliber of safety and security when considering data transfer and collaborations. Data can be transferred from one device to another. It is one of the most secure ways of data transference as it does not involve any third party devices, and there is no point in hacking if someone uses a USB device. However, it is essential to know that USB is open for getting stolen and lost; thus, if that is an issue, the security risks cannot be blamed in the name of USB. It is only fair to blame the user for negligence. It is ensured that USB must be kept safe and secure and should not be pinned up to any third-party device. If any third party device is connected, it would be a problem as it can split a virus. You can contact card USB memory makers to ensure that they are accredited for no new connections without acknowledgment.

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Best USB Flash Drives Of 2020 You Must Have for Data Storage

Several innovations have been made in the industry of computing ad similar smart technologies. One of the most important storage media is USB devices. The USB devices help in storing large bits of data and information which cannot be otherwise saved. USB devices are important not only because they help store data but also to ensure that the stored data is safe and secure. They ensure that no external guest can enter the device. Nevertheless, these devices can be accessed by third-party easily if they are lost or stolen. If you are finding them insecure and unsafe, it is primarily because of your personal negligence. Several types of USBs are introduced later, which are easy to store and ensure that they always stay by your side, just like your car keys. Following are the 2020 hits when we talk about USBs: 1.       Metal USB The first and foremost is the general hit, conventionally regarded as China metal USB. These USBs are made up of metal and have a single piece finish, which helps in ensuring that the device never breaks and stay by your side through thick and thin 2.       Card USB Another major hit of 2020 is the card USB. This USB ensures that it performs all the versatile operations of advertisement and promotion while giving you safe help in the data storing process. These USBs normally range up to several GBs to TBs. 3.       Plastic Memory The plastic memory stick is one of the most premium and high-class storage devices. These are high-tech and one piece of equipment; thus, they stay durable and reliable through time. These storage devices are durable and stay by your side while ensuring class and style. 4.       Wooden USB Another major hit of 2020 is the wooden USB stick. These USB sticks are advanced storage devices as they allow majorly capacious storage media for your data. You can store all your data in these devices and encrypt them such that the data stays safe and out of the reach of cyber thieves.

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The minium order quantity of usb memory is 100pcs.

The material of usb pendrive includes saintless metal, aluminium, plastic, ABS, wood, bamboo, soft PVC, crystal and so on. So you can choose usb memory by its material. There are metal usb flash drive, plasitc usb memory, wooden usb sticks, bamboo usb pendrive, pen shape usb sticks, crystal usb flash drives, customized PVC usb memory and so on.

You can engrave laser your logo on metal usb flash drives. You can print your logo on plastic and metal usb memory. You can stamp your logo on PU leather usb pendrives.

Welcome To The Top USB Flash Drives Manufacturer – Sunshaw

Sunshaw China Ltd is one of the leading wholesale China USB flash drives manufacturers. We are located in Shenzhen city of China and serving this industry since 2012. Our company manufactured China USB drivers are valued in the global market and are in high demand throughout the year. Sunshaw has an earnest belief in best satisfying the needs and requirements of our valuable customers. Their satisfaction is our ultimate win, and we try every inch hard to achieve that. We have our own Research and development department, which offers the best USB Flash Drives OEM/ODM services for international clients. With an area of our expertise, we bid the best custom USB flash drives in the market. Our metal memory drivers are of great value in the market.

What is USB Flash Drives Made Off?

Have you ever wondered what USB flash drives made of? And what exactly do the USB flash drives manufacturers put inside a USB to make the file transfer easy? Let’s have a look at it today. Our USB flash drives are made up of five essential components:

1- A standard USB plug

2- NAND flash memory chip

3- A USB mass storage controller

4- Crystal oscillator

5- USB cover

Other parts of a USB might or might not include LED indicator lights, transport aid, unpopulated space, jumper pins, USB connector caps, and finally, the write-protect switches. It must be noted that the customization only works on the additional components. It does not work on the 5 essential components.

Various Uses of USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives can be extremely useful for you in many ways.

1. Store Important Data and Files: USB flash drives are the best saviors when you have to store your important files and data somewhere and keep it with yourself. You can always have duplicate copies of your files on these devices and keep them secure.

2. Promote Your Skills: For all the graphic designers, musicians, website designers, artists, or any other experts of other professions who want to showcase their skills, they can always load their portfolios on the USB drive. When the chance arises, one can promptly impress their potential clientele by showing off their optimum work samples.

3. Distribution of Class Notes to Students: Schools and universities waste many papers for the distribution of syllabus and class notes to students. Teachers can keep the class notes and syllabus in the China USB flash drives and benefit from this modern technology for the distribution.

Our Promising Services And Wholesale Rate

Sunshaw is a reputable name in the industry of USB flash drives manufacturer, and people rely on our brand for premium quality products. We have highly equipped flash drive manufacturing units with all the necessary modern tools and equipment. With the help of an army of skilled labor, we flourish the markets with highly durable products and unfailing services. We are specialized in catering to the customized demands for products of the clients.

We have a long journey of trust relationships with a huge list of businesses all around the world. We are expanding as the leading USB flash drives suppliers to the worldwide market and looking forward to serving you with international quality products.